What is a digital book?

The Richmond Digital Books are innovative materials that help teachers include technology in the classroom. They combine the virtues and possibilities of the digital medium with the information and format of printed textbooks. Their main objective is to facilitate the personalisation of learning, along with the use of digital tools.

The Richmond Digital Books will allow you to:

  • view the book on your computer and browse its pages,
  • expand pages and sections for easy reading,
  • search by words or phrases in the entire book,
  • underline and highlight text,
  • add notes and draw on the pages.

Follow these steps to download your Richmond Digital Book:
  1. Go to www.richmonddigitalbooks.com.ar
  2. Choose the book you have adopted.
  3. Fill in the form. The app will be automatically downloaded to your computer.
  4. Run the executable file you have just downloaded and follow the instructions.
  5. During the process tick the “Crear acceso directo en el escritorio” option.
  6. When required, enter this code.
  7. Click on the green arrow on your desktop to open the Digital Book.
  8. Once installed, the Richmond Digital Book does not need internet connection.


  1. The Richmond Digital Book is for digital use only.
  2. It cannot be printed.
  3. It can be activated twice